What We Do

We Enable You to Fly

We have all had the dream to fly. There are many forms of aviation, but some are more rewarding and accessible than others. Flying a paramotor provides three dimensional freedom. 

We use the USPPA training syllabus as the backbone to our curriculum. We train at several locations and in various conditions which allow you to learn more aspects of the sport.


Where to Begin

Intro Class - $150

Let us answer your questions while showing you some equipment. We will discuss and demonstrate the techniques to kite a wing. You will even get a chance to try kiting on your own. This class is two hours, call or text to schedule it today. 

Paramotor Training - $3000

Roll up your sleeves, this is where we get to work! This class is up to 15 days or 30 sessions. We will begin with kiting and spend a significant amount of time in this phase. We use the USPPA training syllabus for the ground school and discussions. A minimum of 25 flights is required to attain the PPG2 rating. 

Tandem Instructional Flight - $200

Want to experience flying before you jump into training? We have a tandem wheeled cart that we can take up and fly with the birds. There is a passenger limit of 210lbs. This flight is normally 15 mins long. It’s best to schedule this flight early in the morning or close to sunset for the best weather. 

Skills Training - $250

These training modules are the building blocks for pilots wanting to grow and experience everything this sport has to offer. Most pilots are not sure how to progress and may not be interested in a SIV course or feel they are not ready for one. Each training builds on the last one and helps you increase your skills and confidence while flying safely.