Flying comes in all shapes and sizes and has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember! I have spent countless hours looking up at the sky in wonder and amazement. Maybe it’s the wonder of clouds and how graceful birds soar with ease, or just plain faith in the unseen. At age 16, I began pursuing my private pilots license and the freedom of flying was realized.
As a full time Instructor, I am more accessible to you and your needs. Most of my training is done is Northern Colorado; however, I am able to travel when available to other locations. A typical training session consists of 3-5 students working with me at a designated location, while they practice kiting and other skills while flying. This gives new students a chance to meet and observe different stages of training.


There are several sites in Northern Colorado that we use. Some are public while others are on private property. Please be respectful and responsible at all locations or they will be taken away.


Feel free to come join a training session! You will be able to meet some other pilots and students and get to watch training first hand. Usually there are 3 to 5 students at a training session, which all learn and have fun together!



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